Finn Comfort 'Jersey' Sandal 女性 レディース シューズ 靴 Finn Comfort 'Jersey' Sandal

Finn Comfort 'Jersey' Sandal 女性 レディース シューズ 靴:Mars shop Finn Comfort 'Jersey' Sandal

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FinnComfortFinnComfortFinnComfortFinnComfortLeather upper features hook-and-loop brand closures and an adjustable back strap for an optimal fit. Orthopedic footbed provides superlative comfort and soft anatomical support while ensuring that your foot is cradled from heel to toe. A shock-absorbing polyurethane sole encourages all-day wear.
Approx. heel height: 1 1/4".
Leather upper and lining/polyurethane sole.
By Finn Comfort made in Germany.
Salon Shoes.

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